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Pete Rock also made in Japan “TARUYA Phono Stylus” love you!

Pete Rock氏も、樽屋レコード針カートリッジを、ご愛用!

Pete Rock氏は、プレー内容によって針を、


Mr. Pete Rock uses different hands depending on the play content. For the sampling of music production etc use Taruya 01M Red needle, when analog record play such as 7 inch record etc. Taruya 03M white needle! And when using DVS (Serato-DJ) control Vinyl, we use Taruya FPC-07M silver needle.Product details


made in Japan Phono – Stylus “TARUYA FPC – 07 M Silver” favorite!
World-class reading and backspin are realized when playing on DVS!
The sound quality also shines, and the hand skip countermeasure is exclusive use for the sister item analog Vinyl “TARUYA 03 M Shock absorber of the same level as white!Product details

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